Malaika Arora Khan's high on Thai

 “I haven’t thought of a theme but my restaurant will surely be about good affordable food,” says Malaika. Blessed with one of the best figures in B-town, foodie Malaika talks to CS about her love for spicy food, her family’s favourite dishes and her mom’s recipes:

Malaika Arora Khan
Who: Malaika Arora Khan
What: Talks about her love for food 
PIC/ Rane Ashish 

Cook at heart
I love cooking. It’s therapeutic for me. And so, when I am not working, I am cooking. I love the entire process that goes into making a dish. Not only am I a good cook, I am also a great foodie (though I might not look like one). I live to eat. I enjoy feasting on all types of cuisines but my favourite is spicy food.

Restaurant dreams
My love for food will definitely translate into a restaurant someday. It is just a matter of time. My work has kept me busy but I am determined to take some time out for myself and focus on my restaurant dream. I work really hard on sharpening my cooking skills. And I must say, that I am a far better cook today than I was. Food has always interested me. I have joined cookery classes and am furiously hunting for cook books to become a masterchef. I have a few concepts and ideas lined up for the same.

Spice it up
I am a sucker for Thai food and I love cooking it too. Anything in Thai cuisine and my mouth salivates! (laughs) Sushi is one of my favourite foods. Though I don’t have a sweet tooth, I really like cheese cakes. A lot of my friends make amazing cheese cakes and I am in the process of learning the art of making cheese cakes.

From my kitchen
My family has their special requests too. My son loves it when I make risotto whereas Arbaaz’s favourite is Khau Swe, a Burmese Dish. Also the margherita pizza that I make is popular with my son’s friends when they come over. And my friends’ personal request from my kitchen is the sushi I make.

Mom’s the word
According to me, my mother is the best cook. And though I have made her dishes swearing by her recipes, I never get them as good as hers. I am tired of asking her but it just doesn’t help. Especially, the red fish curry made in Kerala. It is a very special dish. This dish is made a day prior so that the flavours amalgamate well together and is made in an earthen pot. Every time I try and make it, it’s a flop. I think my mom hides her secret ingredient from me (winks). 

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