Daughter Mallika Sarabhai already had the story and screenplay ready for a while now, but her renowned mother Mrinalini Sarabhai's death yesterday, may be just the spur she needed to get the project on celluloid. Mallika always wanted to make a film on the life and times of her mother, and we might see her wish crystallize into a movie soon.

Mallika has been hugely influenced by her danseuse mother. Mallika's script revolves around the founding of the Darpan Academy of performing arts, where more than 18,000 students trained under her mother. She would also showcase Mrinalini's initial struggle to carve a niche in classical dancing, in a family that placed a premium on science and academics. Even with that, Mrinalini blazed a trail in the world of dance, becoming a global ambassador of the art form.

The biopic on her mother may soon see the light of day. Mallika had already spoken of her wish to make this film to several movie industry friends earlier. The posthumous project may ensure that the remarkable story of Mrinalini Sarabhai stays alive not only through her students and her impressive legacy, but, through film too. Let the camera roll.