Malwani police let molestation accused flee from station

In a case of gross negligence on the part of the police, a man accused of molestation escaped from the Malwani police station on Friday. The survivor’s family had tried informing the police that the accused was hailing an auto and escaping, but the officer on duty told them to "keep calm".

Grab showing a crowd gathering around the accused
Grab showing a crowd gathering around the accused 

Police officials then told the family that they should return home, and that the accused couldn’t have gone far. On his return, that they would arrest him, was their assurance.

The survivor’s family hails from Jayram Koli, which is near Malwani church. The incident took place on December 25, when the accused, who was visiting the place to meet a friend, entered a neighbour’s home and tried to molest and rape her.

The survivor, a 22-year-old, has been living there for six years. She stays with her husband, a contactor in the furniture industry, and their two children.

As per the survivor, the accused entered her home and locked the door from inside, and tried to molest and rape her. He had entered saying he wanted a glass of water. When the survivor shouted for help, the accused covered her mouth and throat.

That’s when their neighbour, Kalpna Balchandra Koli, who stays in the opposite building, saw the struggle. She called for more help and other neighbours came out as well and grabbed the accused and started slapping him. Later, they called the police control room for help.

The survivor’s husband said, "The police was not ready to cooperate with us, though the matter was of attempt to murder and attempt to rape. Police officers told us to wait and took 45 minutes to write our complaint. The accused escaped later and is still at large."

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