Man allowed to have sex with other women only if wife gets to watch!

Oct 03, 2011, 13:50 IST | ANI

A 60-year-old man from Singapore has been allowed by his wife to take home young Vietnamese brides on a condition that she gets to watch them during the "child making process"

According to China Press, a bride agency's owner said that he had recommended women to the couple in the past and also a few months ago, and that the condition scared off three young Vietnamese women.

"The childless couple approached my agency and shortlisted the candidates. Each woman tried to live with them but the first two did not even make it past two weeks," Star Online quoted Marco Lim as saying.

"They left and returned to Vietnam," he stated.

Lim revealed that he had to persuade the women to tell him the reason behind the failed relationships.

"They must have felt pressured because the wife would watch them carefully each time they had sex with the man. I was told that the wife would even set the schedule for the man to have sex with the women.

"She also held on to their passports and forbade them from making calls," he added.

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