A French man has been ordered to pay his wife 9,000 pounds after she sued him for failing to have sex with her for 'a period of several years'

Jean-Louis, 51, neglected his matrimonial duties to wife Monique in Nice, who sued him for 10,000 euros (8,700 pounds) and took her divorce case to an Appeal Court.

The court in Aix-en-Provence heard that the couple had been married for 21 years and raised two children on the French Riviera.

But the strains of work and illness prevented Jean-Louis from fulfilling his matrimonial duties, his advocate pleaded.

Announcing her decision the judge quoted the French civil and penal code, which requires both parties in a marriage to respect 'lifelong community' requiring them by law to have sexual relations, reports the Daily Mail.

The case was an unusual one for France, where it is rare for a husband or wife to pay financial compensation for failing to sexually satisfy their partner. (ANI)