Yuck! Man masturbates on woman during college fest, leaves semen stainsThe stained jeans

A Facebook post by a girl from Shri Ram College of Commerce narrated a horrifying experience of a person ejaculating on her during a concert at Delhi University.

When Meghna Singh, a Miranda House student returned home after attending a concert of Kay Kay, she discovered semen stains on the jeans she had been wearing. She recalled a man standing behind her at the concert and 'feeling her butt'.

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In the Facebook post, she said, "The guy was right behind me and I could for a while, feel some fingers subtly touching my butt (which apparently was his penis). I wasn't sure if someone was actually trying to feel me up as it was a concert and people jump around in concerts if you've ever been to one. Further, the guy started to indulge himself in the act and anyone can make that out."

She added, "As again I couldn't imagine someone actually doing that and thought concert mein sweating ki smell ya kuch mix hogaya hoga. So I keeping in mind the suspicion, pulled two of my friends(F) closer and we formed a human-chain to avoid any inappropriate touch with anybody."

The BA (Honours) student had put up picture of her jeans with semen stains on them.

While the incident enough is enough to draw criticism, shockingly she received many offensive and insulting messages in her comments with some even called her post 'attention seeking post'. While some are expressing outrage and empathy, others are questioning the authenticity of the incident.

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Undeterred, she came up with another post where she explained how the incident happened.

Nonetheless, Singh has now filed both sexual harassment and cyberbullying complaints. She said that every threat, troll, meme, abuse will be taken into account by the police. She has also submitted her jeans for forensic investigation.