Manoj Bajpai snubbed!

Dec 09, 2011, 08:42 IST | Subhash K Jha
The enmity between the actor and Vikram Bhatt gets worse as his request for a private screening of his new film is turned down

It's open war now between Manoj Bajpai and Vikram Bhatt.

Matters came to a flashpoint between the warring actor and his Lanka producer on Tuesday when the latter turned down Manoj's request for a private screening of the film for his family in Delhi.

Manoj Bajpai

According to a source, Manoj, who has always prided himself on being a professional in his dealings with all his producers, never thought that a simple request for a screening would be turned down.

Says the source, "Manoj didn't even think it was a matter that needed to be discussed with the producer. In his long career, he has been able to arrange as many screenings of his films as he wanted.
So he went right ahead and invited his family members and close friends for a screening in Delhi, since most of Manoj's family now lives there. Few others had been flown in from other cities including Patna."

To his shock, Manoj was informed on Tuesday that the screening was not possible. Says the source, "It was a very embarrassing situation for Manoj. He had already informed all his guests to be at the screening."

Vikram Bhatt

Apparently Bhatt who is immersed in the shooting of his film Dangerous Ishq did not even bother to take the actor's urgent calls.

The actor admits, "I had invited everyone, and the situation did get sticky for me. It's true I couldn't speak to Vikram as to why the film couldn't be screened.
Apparently it's the protocol for the producer's office to take care of such matters. Just why it didn't happen is something only Vikram Bhatt can answer." When contacted, Vikram said he knew nothing about this matter.

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