MBA paper leak forces University of Pune to conduct re-exam

The board of examination of the University of Pune decided yesterday that it will conduct a re-examination of the Management Information System (MIS) paper of its MBA programme on June 14.

The question paper of the exam, which was held on May 10, was leaked through WhatsApp.

“An inquiry conducted by the police has substantiated allegations of the Management Information System (MIS) paper leak. Therefore, we have decided to conduct a re-examination of that paper only. The concerned examination thus stands cancelled,” said Dr W N Gade, UoP vice-chancellor.

Around 12,000 first-year MBA students, studying in different B-schools affiliated to UoP, will have to re-appear for the paper.

The exam for MIS was conducted last among the six first-year MBA subjects and students had alleged leaks in the first four papers too.

According to students, the UoP ‘changed’ the question paper of the fifth subject, Operations Research, after allegations of the first four leaks were reported in local newspapers.

  • mayank28-May-2014

    plz ask university how would d student will reappear the exam !! all the student are busy dping intership how come they wil come and appear in the xam

  • rahul28-May-2014

    this is ridiculous. i think pune university doesn't understand that students doing their internship in their hometowns or places far away will have to spend a lot of money and forego atleast 4-5 days of their internship to come and go back again. Also, what if they are not able to get tickets. I think the university should be sensible and conduct this exam in july-end when all students would be reporting to their colleges anyways. I hope that there would be a solution to the matter.

  • Amol28-May-2014

    This is unfair... It retest should not be imposed on all 12000 students. May be selective collages.

  • ajay28-May-2014

    why should student suffere for carelessness of university... Highest exam fee.... and cheapest quality

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