Pravin Shinde, who was caught selling India-West Indies tickets in black, was restricted by the MCA to enter the stadium on Saturday

A day after MiD DAY exposed Pravin Shinde, the catering supervisor associated with the Mumbai Cricket Association, who was selling tickets for the crucial day four of India-West Indies test match for five times the price, the MCA confiscated the accreditation card that was issued to him.

The MCA also restricted Shinde from entering Wankhede stadium premises on the final day of the India-West Indies test match. Speaking to Sunday MiD DAY, Ratnakar Shetty, Vice-President of MCA said, "Besides confiscating Shinde's club accreditation card and restricting his entry inside the stadium, the MCA managing committee will also appoint a special committee that will probe into the complains of black-marketing of match tickets by him. The committee will figure how Shinde managed to lay hands on so many match tickets, and it will thoroughly investigate if there are other people attached to the MCA, who have been involved in such black-marketing activities."

The malpractice was exposed on Friday after this reporter caught Pravin Shinde red-handed, while he was selling tickets for an exorbitant sum of Rs 500 per ticket against their official price of Rs 100. The tickets were being sold right outside the stadium's north stand and he managed to procure tickets despite the ticket counter claiming that the tickets for Day 4 were sold out on Wednesday itself.

Like Shinde, several others were spotted making fortunes by selling tickets in black outside the stadium.