Sydney: Medical experts have expressed doubts over Formula One champion Michael Schumacher's long-term prognosis, after it was revealed that the racing legend is out of coma.

Schumacher had emerged from his six-month long coma and transferred from a French hospital to a rehab facility, but some doctors have expressed doubts that the German racer would make a full recovery.

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher. Pic/ AFP

According to, reports have revealed that Schumacher, who had been in coma since hitting his head on a rock during a skiing accident on 29 December, can now hear voices, respond to touches and communicate. However, former Formula One doctor Gary Hartstein said while Schumacher's leaving the hospital was a positive sign, the announcement that he had emerged from a coma was not news.

Hartstein wrote in his blog that they were told, with what appears to be a bit of a triumphal air, that Schumacher is no longer in a coma, adding that ''this is not news''. Hartstein wrote that he couldn''t help but think that this is a highly cynical use of language, using the truth to convey an impression that is almost certainly false.

Other medical experts are also skeptical about Schumacher's chances of escaping permanent damage, with Dr. Andreas Pingel saying only between 10 and 30 percent of patients who suffered serious brain injuries have disabilities which are tolerable. Schumacher has been moved to the University Hospital of Lausanne, in Switzerland.