Mexican Grand Warlock predicts Obama's loss

Mexico's Grand Warlock predicted US President Barack Obama would fail to win re-election and two more Latin American leaders would be diagnosed with cancer, in a traditional New Year's forecast on Tuesday.

The Grand Warlock, or Brujo Mayor in Spanish, leads a Mexican tradition of 'brujeria' or sorcery centered in the southeastern city of Catemaco.

The Grand Warlock, also known as Antonio Vazquez, said that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who claims to have beaten an unspecified cancer, would have a "terrible relapse."

Vazquez, who sports a long grey beard, put the cancer cases down to "witchcraft" against Latin American leaders, during a Mexico City news conference giving his 25th annual predictions.

Vazquez, who claims to have a 75-80 per cent accuracy rate, last year said the euro would weaken and recession would return to developed economies but he also predicted, incorrectly, that a Latin American leader would be assassinated.

He also declared claims that Mayans have predicted the apocalypse in 2012 to be a 'big fat lie'. Vazquez, who himself has previously predicted, among other things, the death of Britney Spears and a future invasion of Syria, said yesterday the Mayans never said anything about the world ending.

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