People carrying flowers protest against Donald Trump. Pics/AFPPeople carrying flowers protest against Donald Trump. Pics/AFP

Ciudad Juarez: Thousands of Mexicans linked arms to form a "human wall" on their country's border with the United States, protesting President Donald Trump's plan to build a massive barrier between the countries.

A section of US-Mexico border fence

The protest on Friday, organised by local authorities and Mexican advocacy groups, brought together people armed with flowers to the border town Ciudad Juarez, which already is separated by extensive fencing from its American neighbour city El Paso.

Protestors hurled slogans at Trump, whose plans to build the wall to keep undocumented immigrants out of the US has enraged many people.

"The wall is one of the worst ideas," said Carolina Solis, a 31-year-old student. "It won't stop anything - not drugs or migrants. It's just a symbol of Donald Trump's hatred, the president's racism."

Under the watchful eye of US Border Patrol officers, protestors - among them El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser - formed a human barrier of nearly 1.5 kilometres.