With Dussehra tomorrow, we will see felling of the 10 heads of Raavan, the celebration of good over evil. In the same way, we need to abolish ills plaguing our society and slay them.

Women continue to be vulnerable even in supposedly safe gated communities. Monika Ghurde’s murder is a case in point. Add to this the barrage of reports of sexual violence against women.

Terrorism is inside our doors, not at our doorstep. Jerusalem in a terror incident, Europe is in the crosshairs of terror and Kashmir, of course, is on the country’s radar.

Tolerance levels are abysmally low. A restaurateur is in hospital because an irate customer hit him, simply as there was no chicken in his soup!

There is little regard for human life, one’s own or others. Upset at being scolded by her father for staying out late to play dandiya instead of preparing for her exams a 15-year-old girl from Ambernath jumped to her death from the sixth floor of her building, recently.

Law makers continue to be targetted. A cop died, hit on the head by a helmetless, underage mo’bike rider.

White collar frauds, get rich quick schemes lure people to financial doom.

Men in the women’s compartment, second class ticket holders in the first class and ticket less commuters. A section of irresponsible commuters violate its lifeline.

The cab clashes go on with aggregate services and black-yellow taxis and rickshaws on collision course. Caught up in the middle, commuters continue to suffer.

The ban on Pak artistes has become a cauldron of politics and communalism in Mumbai, replacing real concern for the Indian soldier.

A massive call centre con, targetting foreign and Indian nationals, has Mira Road at its epicentre.