mid-day editorial: Don't tread in rough waters this season

Jun 29, 2017, 06:02 IST | mid-day correspondent

You know it is monsoon in Mumbai when you see thick streams of water running down the streets, as your car wrestles past innumerable potholes and the trains are delayed agonisingly long. You also know it is monsoon when the deluge claims victims.

A minor boy and a Khar resident drowned in the Gadheshwar river at New Panvel, over the weekend. They had gone for a two-day picnic at a local resort with their families.

According to a report in this paper, the boy had ventured deep into the river stream near Shivansai village and was unable to swim back. This man jumped in and managed to catch hold of the child, but they struggled to remain afloat and, eventually, both of them drowned.

In another case, a day at the beach went awry for a group of friends when two of them drowned at Juhu beach during high tide.

Given that such accidents are on the rise this season, it's best to avoid going near water bodies. The best of swimmers are known to underestimate the velocity of water currents, which can sweep them away easily.

In the picnic incident, the minor should not have been allowed to tread into the waters. Elders in the family should help youngsters understand the risks of wading into streams, lakes and seas during monsoon. Shockingly, in several instances, the youngsters who tread into choppy waters don't even know how to swim. If you are heading to the beach, opt for a walk along the shore and avoid stepping into the sea. Also, listen to lifeguards and locals at all times.

Unfortunately, there is little doubt that we will read more such reports in the days to come. These are tragedies that can be avoided. But, for some reason, we can't seem to learn from previous examples and that is the biggest tragedy of all.

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