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mid-day 36th anniversary specialWhile there is so much of buzz about keeping Mumbai's art vibe alive, one area that can go a long way in ensuring this aspect, is by opening up our art galleries and ensuring that more people are introduced to the wonders inside a gallery.

Frequent walks, Q&A sessions with artists and other ice-breaking experiments can help break the glass ceiling as far as art and the Mumbaikar goes. Art needs to be seen and experienced by more citizens to truly appreciate art.

Bring in the international lifestyle brands
Mumbai is crying out loud to see more lifestyle brands. While the well-heeled and the well-travelled will have access to it, the others certainly deserve a slice of bigger global brands from across the world in the city.

We also need more stores that salute art, design and graphic designs from the best in the world. Gas, Gap and Gucci took ages to make their presence felt, and we are still waiting for the likes of Ikea to open shop in the city.

Sensitive, eco-friendly lifestyle choices
While it's all fine that we wear our eco sensitivity on our designer labeled-sleeves, incorporating it in our lifestyle is the real deal. One place where every lifestyle brand can play a role is by introducing cloth bag dispensers in the city.

Be it shopping for groceries at a local supermarket or picking up a pair of your favourite designer brands, we rarely blink when it comes to opting for a plastic bag.

Biodegradable cloth bag dispensers from where bags can be bought by dropping in a few coins can be set up at public spaces like shopping malls, cinema halls and other busy shopping districts across the city. It will do wonders for Mumbaikars and stop the use of the hazardous plastic bag, making the city a cleaner, healthier place to live in.

Lifestyle and design events for Mumbai
Let's face it. Mumbai trails behind Delhi when it comes to art festivals, design fairs and big-ticket permanent exhibitions in galleries and museums.

If we wish to present ourselves as a truly international city, these elements need to be permanent fixtures on our art, lifestyle and cultural calendar. Remember the ruckus over hosting a fashion show inside a museum? The city needs to open its mind and give our rich culture a chance to shine, and be seen.

Improve the city's aesthetic sense
How often have we cringed at the monstrosities that stare at us in the name of design – at our multiplexes, our restaurants? Well, this is a common sight.

Pic/Shadab Khan

Why not give our city a coat of fresh inspiration and innovation, in the form of an indigenous design sense? Let's rope in our best design minds to ensure the aesthetics of our public buildings, our landmarks and our places of interest reflect a refined sense of design to showcase the city.

Look at Kolkata's Metro and the design synergy that each station exudes with the neighbourhood. Mumbai's metro has missed a trick or two, sadly. The lesser said about our railway stations, the better.

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