mid-day report impact: Help pours in for former bodybuilder struggling to fund TB treatment

Nov 08, 2017, 08:26 IST | Santosh Wagh and Anurag Kamble

Day after mid-day's report on how bodybuilding champ is struggling to fund TB treatment, Bunt community steps in

It took less than 24 hours for help to pour in for Anil Shetty, 68, after mid-day reported how the tuberculosis-afflicted former bodybuilder had taken to begging outside Vasai station to get funds for his treatment. While the Shetty community, pained by his suffering, has promised to take care of his treatment and get him a job, others too have come forward to pitch in.

Anil Shetty has been begging outside Vasai railway station to gather funds for his tuberculosis treatment

mid-day had reported about the Vasai resident's journey on Monday — how he had once represented the state in many bodybuilding competitions, had opened a gym in Nalasopara after failing to win any big titles, which had then run into losses, bankrupting him.

He had a falling out with his family after that and moved in with his 58-year-old sister in her rented flat. Shetty couldn't continue working as the TB restricted his movements.

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Help pours in
"We contacted Shetty after reading mid-day's report. We have decided to take responsibility of funding his treatment. We will also make sure that he gets a job," said Pravin Shetty, general manager of an NGO of the Shetty community, Bunts Sangha Mumbai. "We are pained by his sufferings and we want to end his misery."

Another NGO, Ketto in Andheri Industrial Estate, has also extended a helping hand. Its member Babita Goahain has gotten in touch with Anil Shetty. "We will check what's needed and make sure he gets the required treatment. We are also starting an online campaign to gather funds for him on our website www.ketto.org."

Malegaon resident Mohammed Ismail Kareema said, "I am proficient in Ruhani treatment; I can cure Shetty. It was really disheartening to see someone of my age, with such a glorious and successful past, having bad days. I want to help him in some or the other way."

'No words'
Overwhelmed by the response, Shetty said, "I have no words to thank people and mid-day. I had written letters, made calls to many for help; nobody turned up. But one report of mid-day has turned my life around. Now, I feel more energised to fight the disease and the hardship."

Rs 2.5 lakh
Approximate cost of Anil Shetty's TB treatment

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