Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

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  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    In a shocking incident in January 2018, a small-time model and bar dancer was beheaded by her boyfriend in Timba village near Surat because he suspected her of having an affair. The boyfriend who was married, after his arrest said that he had a heated argument with the victim over her alleged affair and in a fit of rage, he chopped off her head. Incidentally, the accused also had a strained relationship with his wife due to his affair with the victim

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    In December 2017, a 32-year-old jilted lover was arrested in Delhi for allegedly dousing a woman, and himself with petrol and trying to set the woman's family on fire because she refused to marry him, police said. According to the cops, the accused Chanki Pandey, who had received burn injuries in the abdomen and was on the run after the incident, was arrested from his hideout in north Delhi. Pandey had visited the victim's house in Malviya Nagar in south Delhi and started yelling. He was carrying a bottle filled with petrol and when the victim's mother and brother confronted and asked him to leave, Pandey threatened to set them on fire. The woman's brother and mother received minor burn injuries

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    A man was arrested on 24 October 2017 on charges of attacking and injuring a 30-year-old married woman in Hyderabad. The accused, who was fleeing from the spot after 'attacking' the woman was immediately caught by locals and handed over to the police. A friend of the woman, who was along with the victim during the incident told reporters that her friend informed her that the accused identified as Ravi was harassing her in the name of love, though she had told him not to bother her as she was already married 

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    On, 6 November 2017, a 22-year-old married woman was allegedly gang-raped by her friend and three others on the outskirts of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. One of the accused was arrested by the police. Satyajit Taitwale, Assistant Police Inspector (API) of MIDC Cidco police station, said, "In the evening on November 2, the accused went to the woman's house in Santoshi Mata Nagar and asked her to accompany him for his birthday celebrations. Three men, who were friends of the main accused, joined them with food and liquor bottles."

    "They took the girl to a secluded farm in Takli village in MIDC area on the outskirts of the city and offered her cold drinks laced with sedatives. After consuming it, the victim fell unconscious. Thereafter, all the four took turns to rape her. After the crime, the accused dumped her near a petrol pump near Chikhalthana airport," the API said

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    On 11 April 2017, a newly-married woman allegedly murdered her husband by smashing his head with a grinding stone. Bizarrely, she committed this crime because she was upset that he was not handsome enough. The 22-year old woman, who got married about a week before the incident, attacked her husband fatally at night in their house following a quarrel. Police said the woman started hating her husband, a wood sculptor in his mid 20s, because her friends and relatives said he was not handsome and not a match for her. Though the woman came out and cried saying someone has murdered her husband, the police caught her lie after investigations and arrested her for murder

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    On 5 October 2017, a man and a woman from Kasara town in Maharashtra allegedly committed suicide after they failed to split from their spouses and enter into nuptial bond. The police said the deceased, both 32 and residents of tribal hamlet Malgaota, were in a relationship despite being already married separately. This posed a hindrance to their desire to tie the nuptial knot after splitting from their legal spouses

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    A court awarded life imprisonment to a 45-year-old man for stabbing a married woman to death in 2015. The accused and the victim worked in separate factories in the Wada industrial area in Palghar and were acquaintances. The victim’s husband worked in another factory in the same area. The victim used to get frequent calls from the accused asking her to meet or call him. She informed her husband about the calls, following which the victim’s husband reprimanded the accused and asked him not to call his wife. The victim also changed her workplace to avoid harassment by the accuse. However, he continued to follow her. On May 3, 2015, the accused stabbed the victim to death while she was alone

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    A 50-year-old landed on the police radar for sexually assaulting a 49-year-old married woman on multiple occasions and also extorting Rs 30 lakh from her. Sources at the Meghwadi Police station, where a case was registered, stated that he blackmailed her with compromising photographs. The accused forced the woman, a resident of Andheri, who is an insurance agent by profession to arrive at a hotel in Jogeshwari, where he proceeded to rape her. He also raped her at her own home on another occasion, the cops said

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    A 20-year-old married woman was allegedly kidnapped and later raped by four men in Waliv, Vasai. After being locked in a room for a week, the survivor escaped and lodged a complaint at the local police station. According to sources, one afternoon, the four accused, aged between 25 and 30, stormed into the woman's house and gagged her with a handkerchief, after which she fell unconscious. They then took her to a lonely spot about half a kilometre from her house and locked her in a room, where she was raped for a week. It was on the eighth day when the kidnappers were away, that she managed to flee and report the matter to the police

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    A Delhi Police sub-inspector shot a married woman dead and later tried to commit suicide with his service revolver. The victim was married and lived with her husband. According to sources, the victim was a small-time reporter and got to know the sub-inspector when he was posted at Uttam Nagar police station a few years ago. The two allegedly had an affair but ultimately married different people. According to sources, the victim was demanding money from the sub-inspector, failing which she threatened to lodge a rape complaint against him, sources added

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    A 26-year-old newly-married woman, identified as Rubina Ashfak Mansoori, was found murdered at her residence in Goregaon West. The police suspected the involvement of a family member as none of her valuables was found missing. According to the police, Mansoori's was a love marriage and both the families were happy with the alliance. A police official said that an unknown person entered Mansoori’s residence when she was home alone and slashed her neck, killing her in the process. A case of murder was registered with the Goregaon police against unidentified persons

  • Love kills! Shocking revenge attacks by jilted lovers

    A 21-year-old Delhi University student was allegedly killed by her lover, who hid her body for five days and married another woman during the period. The murder came to light when the body was found in a shaft at the accused's residence in northwest Delhi's Model Town. The accused allegedly strangulated his girlfriend, who lived in the same neighbourhood and dumped her body in the shaft of his building. Khatri later got married to another woman, police said. Locals in Gurmandi locality, which comes under the jurisdiction of Model Town police station in northwest Delhi, had complained of a terrible stench coming from the shaft of their building. The woman’s decomposed body was recovered from the shaft of the boyfriend’s residence and he was arrested, police said

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