Mika and his orange Hummer

The singer Mika's ostentatious SUV recently caught Shah Rukh Khan's eye. But there's more to this story...

Mika Singh's orange Hummer seems to have caught the fancy of superstar Shah Rukh Khan. So much so that he wants to borrow the singer's swanky four-wheeler for a drive.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

A source said, "Shah Rukh Khan happened to meet some of his friends from the industry at a studio on Tuesday night and Mika Singh was also present there.

Mika with his Hummer
Mika with his Hummer

He owns an orange Hummer, which has caught the fancy of a lot of people. During their meeting, Mika found out that Shah Rukh too likes his car and it seems that the singer has decided to lend it to the actor for a drive.”

Last night, King Khan posted on a microblogging website: “Met a huge bunch of talent in the studios. Himesh. Mohit Chauhan & @MikaSingh. The large hearted punjabi has lent me his Hummer to drive (sic).”

A few minutes later, Mika Singh responded by saying, “Had a grt time with the Good hearted King @iamsrk learnt so much from you bro! Hope your having a good time in my big truck ! God bless !!(sic)”



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