Cops book Mira Road woman on her wedding day for abetting ex-lover's suicide

Ulhasnagar suicide

The family of a 27-year-old Ulhasnagar resident, who committed suicide after his ex-girlfriend, refused to get back together with him, have booked the woman for abetting his suicide. Incidentally, the woman, who lives in Mira Road, was charged on the day of her wedding.

According to The Times of India, the deceased Hanny Waswani, was in a relationship with the accused for over seven years. They broke-up due to differences this year and went on to have their marriages fixed with different people.

Hanny it is believed still had feelings for her and made several attempts to woo her back. He called her to a hotel in Kalyan on May 21 and reportedly tried to convince her to marry him, but both ended up having an argument.

Ulhasnagar police with whom the case was registered say, Hanny then went on to make a video call to her, in which he threatened to commit suicide. She paid no heed to his warning and disconnected the phone leading him to commit suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan in his flat.

Cops say Hanny's father Naresh stumbled upon several calls his son made the woman and the fateful video call on his son's phone, a few days after his death. Upon confronting the woman, she admitted that he showed her the rope and the ceiling fan in the video call but didn't take his threat seriously.

Hanny's father decided to register a case under IPC section 306 (abetment to suicide) with the police based on the fact that she could have prevented his son's suicide by discouraging him from taking the step. The deceased's family even claimeid she was harassing him for money.

Police refrained from questioning the woman regarding her involvement since it was her wedding day. Hanny Waswani's mother had also committed suicide by jumping off a building six months earlier. His father is a businessman.

Cops are currently investigating the matter.



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