MMRDA, railways join hands to make ends meet

Following months of discussions and negotiations, work on the road overbridge above Milan subway has finally resumed; the bridge is expected to be ready by early next year

The road over bridge (ROB) above Milan subway will soon see the light of the day. After months of discussions and negotiations, work has finally resumed and the bridge is expected to be ready by February-March 2012.

Go ahead!

"It took us more than six months to get a clearance from the railways," a senior MMRDA official revealed. Last week, the MMRDA authorities cleared the space between the fifth line and the Up fast line that goes towards Churchgate.

Work has begun on the road overbridge above Milan Subway

Also, they have begun cementing portions that would allow construction of the base of a key pillar. Major construction work is being carried out between midnight and 5 am, as the trains move with a speed restriction during these hours.

Mega blocks ahead?

Sources in the Western Railway say the railways had been stringent in giving permissions because they feared that construction work would affect train services.

Divisional Railway Manager (Mumbai division) G Pillai said, "Apart from all the necessary permissions, we'll even give MMRDA blocks whenever they require."

In February, the MMRDA will launch a 60-metre long girder to bridge the two ends. It's said that train services may get affected during that period.

"Due to the availability of light, the bridging work will have to be done during the day," explained a senior WR official. This means that the officials will have carry out the work on holidays when train services are 30 per cent lesser.

The delay
Earlier this year, the MMRDA had said that the ROB will be ready before the monsoon. However, the design issue of a steel bridge passing over the railway tracks delayed the opening.

The pending resettlement and rehabilitation of a 1,200 sq feet madrasa, which is obstructing the construction of the bridge, also delayed the project. "We are confident of handling it better this time," the MMRDA official said.

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