Q. I posted a video of myself mimicking my mother-in-law on Facebook and my wife hasn't spoken to me in two weeks. My friends thought it was very funny, but she is incredibly angry. I think she is being irrational. Am I wrong?
A. You have much to learn about how seriously we take social media platforms in this country. Ours is a country where Facebook status updates sometimes court arrest, remember? Farmers committing suicide often get less coverage in our national media than a Snapchat video put up by a comedian recently did. You also fail to recognise the fact that we are a humourless people. We are offended by everything under the sun, get touchy about the smallest things, and blow the most inconsequential things way out of proportion while ignoring the larger issues. This is what makes our country so absurd on so many levels. We don't seem to have a humorous bone in any of our bodies. Your wife is not being irrational. She is simply being Indian.

Q. What according to you are the key things one should focus on in a relationship?
A. Not being a moron is the biggest thing to focus on, in my humble opinion. This involves recognising the fact that you are in a relationship with someone other than yourself, who has a life of his or her own, as well as a notion of personal space that may differ from your own. When you learn to respect these boundaries, and appreciate your partner's differences of opinion, you are on the path to building something healthy. Apart from that little thing, every relationship is built on a solid foundation of respect, communication, honesty and trust. These may sound like simple things, because they have begun to seem like clichés in our Hollywood-obsessed lives, but they all require you to put in a certain amount of work. There are no shortcuts. The ability to put in that work, by you and your partner, makes all the difference.