Indore: More married persons commit suicide than those who prefer to remain single, a National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) report has said. Among the total number of people who took their lives in 2013, 69.4 per cent were married while 23.6 per cent singles took the extreme step, the NCRB report said.

A total of 1,34,799 suicides were reported in 2013 out of which 64,098 were committed by men while 29,491 women ended their lives. The number of single men who committed suicide last year stood at 21,062 as compared to 10,766 such women. 3.7 per cent widowers also took the extreme step in 2013, according to the report.

Besides, 3.2 per cent divorcees or those living separately from their spouse because of some reason also committed suicide in 2013, the report said. These figures, specially those of married persons committing suicide, reflect that the emotional bond between couples has decreased in the changing social-economic environment as compared to earlier times, psychologist Dr Ramgulam Razdan told PTI.

The tolerance level too has gone down these days, specially among those who are living in a nuclear family. Therefore, they resort to taking the extreme step while forgetting about their family responsibilities, Razdan said. It has also been seen in the cases of suicides committed by married people these days that they take the extreme step following a lack of communication with the spouse or elder family members, he said, adding that this presents a concerning trend of the decreasing interaction among close relations.