1. How did you get inclined towards sarod?
My father Pandit Rajan Kulkarni is a sarod player, so I grew up hearing sarod, with him as my first guru. Even now when I do experiments at home, he is the first person to correct me; it is bliss to have a guru at home. I love the tone of the instrument, and as I have been hearing it since childhood I know it well.

Sarang Kulkarni Sarod Player

2. Any tips to other classical singers and sarod players?
You should follow what you like, don’t do what you don’t feel like doing or come under pressure. This will only reduce your productivity and you will harm yourself more. Classical music has a rich heritage and Indian classical music is the base of all other music, but the problem is that people don’t understand it and proper marketing of the Classical music is not done in the city. I’m from Pune and I feel the city is the cultural hub of the State. I feel that there is a lot of scope to grow here. Here I get a chance to perform in front of matured audience who understand Classical instruments and appreciate it a lot, unlike other cities where only commercial things are given importance.

3. How important is regular practice?
Practice is a must to achieve success. One must practice for at least five to six hours a day. The TV shows give you only seasonal success; next season next person comes in the limelight. Competition is not important but practice is. For any player time is the best investment, if you invest now you will get the benefit next day for sure.