Mother throws self, 3 daughters into river in Daund

The woman identified as Afrin Shaikh first flung her daughters Aasma (4), Aasida (6) and Ruksana (2) into the river, but her eldest daughter Lali (9) broke away from her mother’s grip and rushed to inform her grandparents of what had happened. Afrin was living with her parents and daughters at Khatic Chawl in Daund. 

According to the police, she was married to one Mohammed, and lived with him in Rajasthan. Three months ago, Aafrin allegedly had a domestic dispute with her husband and returned to her parent’s home in Daund.

“On Tuesday night, when everybody was asleep, she woke up her four children and rushed along with them towards the bridge. She threw three of her daughters into the river, but her eldest daughter managed to get away. She then jumped into the river,” Shinde said. Locals fished out the four bodies in the morning.

“We have learned that Afrin was mentally disturbed and may have taken the extreme step out of frustration. We have contacted her husband, Mohammad, who is currently in Rajasthan,” Shinde said.  

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