Desi Kattey
U/A; Action
Director: Anand Kumar
Cast: Suniel Shetty, Jay Bhanushali, Akhil Kapur, Sasha Agha
1/5 Stars 

When a film aims at offering violence wrapped around a love story, there’s the possibility of a conflict between the two. Often, violence is romanticised to the point that humane elements are eventually overlooked.

Desi Kattey suffers from poor vision and sloppy execution
Desi Kattey suffers from poor vision and sloppy execution

In cases such as these, you either get a memorable film or a forgettable disaster. Desi Kattey is somewhere in the middle but it also veers towards the latter. It neither expresses what it wishes to convey in the first place nor manages to make an impact on the audiences’ minds. Poor vision is to be blamed as much as sloppy execution.

The story revolves around two kids who grow up selling katteys (guns) and have now become sharpshooters. A rural background is the setting and these boys’ ultimate dream is to be part of the gang world that they hope to rule someday. The first half is convincing; the two can either continue to dominate the underworld with their skill set or take up an opportunity offered by a law-abiding character.

Soon, the lead characters’ friendship is put to the test. There are moments in the film where you wonder if the film would have clicked if it had featured more prominent names. Despite the story being easy to grasp, the film in its entirety is not convincing. Too many formulae have been taken for granted; a lot of things seem to have been done just for the heck of making a film.

Desi Kattey sets out to remind us of the gunslinging we saw back in the films of the ’70s, but the film doesn’t work. The blame doesn’t belong just to the writer and the director. The lead actors’ half-heartedness is visible in their performances. How can they convince the audience when they themselves appear unconvinced by the characters they are supposed to play?

Jay Bhanushali exhibits traces of promise in some scenes but that’s it. Akhil Kapur seems too lost. A gun-toting Suniel Shetty has done far better films. On the brighter side, Ashutosh Rana is splendid in his portrayal of a lynchpin, who can be ruthless but sensible as well. Sasha Agha definitely needs to go for stronger roles.

If you want to watch an action film that depends heavily on drama, go for this one. Or else stick with the likes of Virasat and Satya.