Movie review: 'RIPD'

Starring The Dude Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds and directed by Robert Schwentke, the guy who made ''Red'', 'RIPD' is a film that should’ve cate'Red' to comic book geeks but somewhere in its production went awfully wrong to the point of irreparability. Ironically Schwentke dropped out of making the surprisingly entertaining sequel to 'Red' to make this movie. It’s a bullet that he should certainly have dodged. 

'RIPD' movie review
'RIPD'. Pic/Santa Banta

'RIPD' is based on a graphic novel and is clearly proof that not every comic needs to be made into films. The studio earlier brought us a mixed bag of films including 'Hellboy', '300', the horrendous 'Virus' and the hilariously bad 'Alien vs P'Red'ator' movies so it isn’t entirely shocking that it decided to fund yet another box office bomb. There must surely be a fanbase of the 'RIPD' novel for the film version to exist, and to be fair a story of two ghost cops who battle the forces of evil on Earth doesn’t seem too dull. In fact, with that plot it was easy to make a full on slapstick comedy or even a smart satire. Unfortunately what the film has turned out to be is a miserable ripoff of 'Men in Black', with the joyless tone of 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter' and the half-baked quality of 'Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters'.

There’s only a glimmer of the irreverent comedy that the film could’ve been in its running joke where the dead Jeff Bridges appears as a hot woman to humans. It turns out to be the only joke in the movie, and even that was spoiled in the trailers. It doesn’t help that the two leads are dull as ditchwater, incRedibly happy to grab their paychecks and run. And to make their banter even more tedious to endure, most of the lines they speak are plot exposition to spoon feed the audience on the villains’ grand plans. It’s one thing to be a dumb movie but another to consider its audience as equally unintelligent.

Hell, even Kevin Bacon as an undead antagonist managed to be unexciting here, it speaks a lot for the effort that went into this movie. The biggest problem is that the whole film is extremely heavy on fake looking cheesy CGI that makes the graphics from 1984’s Ghostbusters look more sophisticated in comparison. When there is no forced, witless dialogue between the two leads, the filmmakers cram in oodles of computer trickery to pad the lousy narrative. Even the action sequences are soulless and humourless, which is kind of surprising considering the director choreographed some fun stuff in 'Red' and his earlier movie 'Flightplan'.

What is actually hilarious is the way 'RIPD' has been edited, because we hardly even see the actors’ faces when they utter their dialogues, which only means that the film went through the editing sh'Red'der over and over again till the studios’ egos were massaged to their content. It’s a little unfair to Schwentke because all the resulting amateurish content on screen is attributed to his shortcomings as a filmmaker. 

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