Movies have given me lifetime of study: Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt is grateful to movies. The veteran filmmaker says he has learnt a lot, thanks to his association with showbiz, and considers it a lifetime of study.

"Movies have been good to me. It has produced great friendship, love, travel, hardwork, pain, fun and it gave me money. Also a lifetime of study," tweeted Bhatt.

"Study is a full-time engagement which includes books, reading people, reading situations, reading about the past and present. To study, you enter into a situation with your whole being, listen with your heart and take off into the unending skies of imagination. A filmmaker or a writer learns to read life while life is happening," he added.

The National award-winning filmmaker is credited with movies like "Arth", "Saaransh" and "Zakhm".

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