Mumbai: Jewellery worth Rs 1.7 lakh stolen from 5-star hotel spa, alleges British national

The Worli police has registered a case of theft against an unknown person after a British national filed a complaining, stating that her gold chain and diamond pendant worth 2,000 Great Britain Pound (GBP), approximately Rs 1.7 lakh, went missing from a spa in the Four Seasons Hotel in Worli.

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Cops informed Mumbai Mirror that the incident in question happened four days ago when the complainant, Lisa Malenda, went to a spa in the hotel. “Lisa in her complaint said that after entering the spa, she had taken off her necklace and kept it in a wooden box at the spa. Following this, while leaving the spa she found her jewellery was missing. She filed a First Information Report (FIR) a day after the incident took place,” a police source from Worli police station told Mumbai Mirror.

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Following complaint, police scanned the CCTV footage of the hotel. “Lisa in the footage is seen entering and exiting the spa but it is unclear if she is wearing the necklace. On questioning the employees, they said that all their customers are asked to deposit their jewellery in a specific place but in this case, they were unaware that Lisa had kept hers in a wooden box,” the police source further Mirror.

More investigations are underway in the case.

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