Deonar police have busted a gang of house breakers who used to rob so that they could splurge in the dance bars. This gang of four teenagers out of which three are minors was run by a lady who used to work as a maid in various houses. According to the police the gang leader identified as Vanita Mohan Patete, 38, was working as a maid in Shivajinagar, Deonar and Mankhurd.

Her modus operendi was that she would target a house and get the job of the maid there. She would then rece the entire house and alert her gang of thieves who would strike when no one would be at home. They would then elope with the cash and jewellery they would find in the house.

The gang have targeted atleast 10 houses in the vicinity. Vanita used to collect the loot and then sell off the jewellery which they had stolen.

This gang caugt police's attention when a complainent identified as Ashish Kamble registerd a theft complaint with Deonar police. Kamble resides at Newmonia Baug at Deonar and works in a private firm. He lost Rs. 25,000 cash and 85,000 worth gold as it was stolen by this gang when he was away at work. After this incident the cops had made different teams to nab the accused.

According to the police they were successful in busting this gang when one of the boys started throwing a lot of money in the dance bar. One of the informers who had noticed the boy informed the cops as he had found him suspicious. When the police picked him up for questioning about how he got so much money he spilled the beans on his fellow gang members and confessed to his crime. The accused identified as Vijay Yadav gave Vanita's name as his boss and got her arrested.

Senior inspector Dattatray Shinde of Deonar police station said, "Both the accused have been booked for 457 and 380 IPC and remanded to police custody. Investigations are on."