CST is about to get a glowing facelift, literally. The UNESCO World Heritage Site will undergo a revamp with brand new lighting at several places in its ornate ceiling, including the Star Chamber. In addition to this, Central Railway will also be adding a fresh coat of paint to the interiors and will also conceal wires that hang loose throughout the station.

Central Railway authorities will fix focus lights on the tinted glass to highlight the designs on them. File pic
Central Railway authorities will fix focus lights on the tinted glass to highlight the designs on them. File pic

The renovations will begin with the Star Chamber – located right at the entrance of the station – getting new, more luminescent lighting. The area, that sees nearly six lakh people everyday at its ticket counters, currently has dim and hazy lights. “At present, the lights put up there fall on the floor and don’t reflect from the stars. We shall be putting up new lights that are more luminescent and will reflect when they hit the stars on the roof,” said a Central Railway official.

Focus lights on tinted glass
After the Star Chamber, the focus will shift to tinted glass over platform one. The colourful glass is currently damaged, as during the 26/11 terror attacks, bullets pierced through these glasses. Sources said that these too would be taken care of, as not only will the dust and cobwebs be wiped off this glass, but authorities will also fix focus lights on them. CR authorities want the glass to glow further so that the intricate designs on it are highlighted. A fresh coat of paint will be added to the moss green-coloured stones that form the walls of the building.

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The authorities are also looking at concealing wires that hang throughout the station.

Concealing wires
At many places, wires and cables are dangling from the CCTV cameras mounted on the walls. CR plans to camouflage it within the walls of the building.

Moreover, they would be placing additional CCTV cameras at other places. Other cables and wires lying on the floor, namely from the ATVMs and COTVMs will be reined in to provide a cleaner look. The officials also want to remove the hoardings and flags of various railway unions, which mar the beauty of the heritage railway station.

“We shall begin monitoring the various aspects of the station and complete the work within a month,” said another CR official. The tall wooden doors that are seen at the entrance of the station too will be cleaned and polished. The staircase at the entrance shall be wiped and authorities will ensure it is litter and spittoon free. They would also be examining areas outside the station to see if hawkers have drilled holes to hang their wares.

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Did you know?
The stained glass at CST was damaged during the 26/11 terror attacks, when terrorist Ajmal Qasab fired a volley of bullets on the railway platforms