Mumbai: Student accuses professor of 'seeking bribe' college orders probe

A student from a college in Goregaon has accused a professor of seeking a bribe of Rs 30,000 to clear his examination papers. According to a report by Indian Express, he joined the institution's BA course in 2013 and failed two subjects but was granted an Allowed To Keep Term (ATKT).

On applying for verifications the student discovered that some of the answer sheets were missing and were corrected by an English professor from the collge. On approaching him the professor allegedly demanded a bribe of Rs 30,000 along with other monetary favours to clear the papers.

The student then seeked the aid of the Maharashtra Navnirman Vidyarthi Sena (MNVS), who wrote to the college on his behalf after which an internal probe was ordered. College management agreed to pass him on 'benefit of doubt' grounds.