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Five blades were recovered from an undertrial, Manoj Gujjar, who was arrested for his involvement in four murders at Kurar village in June 2011, while he was entering the Arthur Road Central prison after returning from court a couple of days back. He had hidden the blades under his wristband.

However, after the matter was reported to the police, they did not file an FIR, as blades are not considered to be weapons. The jail officials are now trying to find out his intention behind carrying the blades.

A source in the jail said, "He had concealed the blades under his wristband and was trying to hoodwink the security personnel at the jail entrance. However, his attempt was foiled."

The jail authorities immediately reported the matter to the NM Joshi Marg police station and also informed the court about it. A police source said, "As a blade is not considered to be a weapon, we have taken only a non-cognizable complaint." A senior officer also mentioned that since many a times the jail authorities take internal action, all complaints do not get converted into FIRs.

After repeated attempts to contact Ahmed Pathan, senior inspector of NM Joshi Marg police station, he was unavailable for comment.