Mumbai: 2 more arrested in BMC sweeper scam

Thorough police investigations have led to two more arrests in the BMC job scam. These include an agent who worked under the previously arrested Kunal Jogadiya, and a clerk with the BMC’s D-ward.

Kunal Jogadia
Kunal Jogadia

The duo was arrested late on Tuesday evening while the cops have ascertained that around 35 people are employed with D-ward through this scam.

According to the police officials, the two arrested accused have been identified as Anil Hareeb Bariya, (43), who worked an agent in the racket, and Harshal Rajendra Patil, (26), who is a clerk with BMC.

An officer from Crime Branch Unit III said, “Investigations after the previous five were arrested revealed the roles of Bariya and Patil who were equally involved in the crime. Bariya worked under Jogadiya as an agent, while the clerk was responsible for keeping tabs on the files of the eligible individuals, and later misplacing them. However, Patil was also involved in forging documents and helping the fake recruits get the BMC job.”

After mid-day exposed the BMC job racket on November 7, the Crime Branch officials arrested five accused last week, which included three BMC employees and two agents.

DCP Dhananjay Kulkarni (detection) said, “We have learnt that around 35 employees are employed with the BMC D-ward under this scam. After the Joint Commissioner of Police released the order on Saturday we have now started inquiring on city level, and we believe that around 400 to 500 people are employed with the help of such cheaters, and the poor eligible people are suffering due to this.”

No of people employed in the BMC D-ward by the conmen

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