Mumbai: 2-year-old rescued by Borivli RPF after parents forget her at platform

Two-year-old Alfina Sheikh will always be thankful to Borivli’s Railway Protection Force (RPF). Alfina was stranded on Borivli station after her parents boarded a train for Ajmer, but forgot to take her with them. Luckily, an RPF cop rescued her and soon after, she was reunited with her father.

Alfina flanked by RPF cop Pushpa Mehariya and father Habib Shaikh
Alfina flanked by RPF cop Pushpa Mehariya and father Habib Shaikh

Pushpa Mehariya, an RPF constable, who found a wailing Alfina on Borivli station’s platform number 4 around 3.20 pm on Saturday, informed PSI KK Meena. The girl had been separated from her family when her parents were boarding the train to Ajmer.

Earlier, Alfina’s father Habib had reached Borivli with eight of his family members at around 2 pm to board a train to Ajmer. But, when the train arrived, the coach they were supposed to board halted a little away from them. They sped towards it and in the melee, forgot Alfina on the platform.

After the train left the station, her mother realised that Alfina was not around. She told Habib about it and the couple started searching for their daughter. When they did not find her, Habib called the railway police control room.

Meanwhile, Mehariya was on the way to the police station after rescuing a crying Alfiya. She narrated the incident to senior inspector RS Salaria. He said, “After finding the girl, we immediately informed the railway control room.
Later, they told the girl’s father, that his daughter has been found. He got down from the train at Vapi and returned to Borivli.”

Habib told mid-day, “When the train crossed Bhayander, my wife realised that Alfina was missing. We searched for her in the coach and later informed the railway police control room. After 10 minutes, the officer from the control room called me back and said that my daughter was with Borivli RPF. I really appreciate the RPF’s efforts.”

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