A team of doctors are conducting a heart transplant surgery on a 50-year-old woman at the Fortis Hospital in Mulund. Hospital sources confirmed that the surgery that started early in the morning is nearing conclusion. Earlier this month, two others underwent a successful heart transplant surgery at the hospital.

Hospital sources confirmed that the surgery started at early in the morning after the cadaver was donated by an in-house patient of the hospital. While there was no issue of the transportation or creating a green corridor to ferry the heart as donors’ family gave consent immediately post the death of the patient, doctors swiftly started the process of matching blood groups and ran other tests necessary for the surgery. The patient is said to be a Mumbai resident who had registered last week for the cadaver and was in need of immediate heart transplant surgery to save her life.

In the meanwhile, the other two patients, Anwar Khan and the Kalamboli resident, who underwent the life saving survey on August 3 and 7 respectively, are said to be stable. Khan was discharged from the hospital on Monday while the second patient is likely to be discharged within a week or two.