Mumbai: London-bound flight makes emergency landing as passenger complains of choking

MIAL doctors offloaded and examined the 85-year-old passenger, and this process delayed the flight by 35 minutes

An Air India flight from Ahmedabad to London made an emergency landing at Mumbai airport last morning after a passenger complained of choking on in-flight snacks. The flight was to land in Mumbai for a layover anyway, but was given priority and allowed to descend immediately.

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Jashbhai Patel was offloaded and asked to consult a neurologist
Jashbhai Patel was offloaded and asked to consult a neurologist

Jashbhai Patel (85), a British national, had boarded the flight in Ahmedabad and was returning home to London. After eating the snacks offered by the airline, he complained of uneasiness and felt something was stuck in his throat. The flight made an emergency descent and Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd (MIAL) doctors de-boarded Patel and rushed him to a nearby hospital. This process delayed the flight to London by 35 minutes.

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“The passenger, after having the snacks, felt something was stuck in his throat. The crewmembers informed the captain about the passenger’s state and it was then conveyed to the Air Traffic Control (ATC), which gave the flight medical priority,” said an airline official.

MIAL doctors did not allow Patel to fly to London, offloaded him and informed his relatives. “The patient was advised to go for neurologist consultation immediately and hence was rushed to Seven Hills Hospital,” said an MIAL official.

The official further added that Patel’s relatives came to the terminal to express their displeasure with the airline’s decision of offloading him. “They argued with the medical team and Air India as they did not find any reason to offload Patel. It was only after the team explained the situation that they decided to leave the airport,” said the official.

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