There was some delay in flights taking departing and landing at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) on Friday morning due to an exercise to check the preparedness of agencies in case of a crash landing.

An anti-crash landing exercise was conducted at the Mumbai Airport on Friday by all the agencies.

This exercise began at around 11.30 am when an old bus (a dummy for a crash-landed aircraft ) was set on fire. All the agencies, like Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd., local police and Intelligence Bureau collaborated to put out the fire and conducted evacuation drills.

Due to this exercise, the primary runway of the airport was shut for an hour during which all the flights took off from secondary runway. Initially the flights took off 15 minutes late from the city airport but they resumed their schedule after an hour.

Jet Airways tweeted in the afternoon that their flights were running half an hour late due to the exercise, which was completed by 2 pm.