An 85-year-old retired senior official of BARC, bedridden for over a year after two failed surgeries, walked home on Monday after undergoing a critical and successful revised hip replacement surgery. TT Pishori, who had undergone a hip replacement surgery at Jaslok Hospital last year and had to give up his active lifestyle, and routine walks after he suffered due to infection and pus accumulation, was operated at Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital last month.

TT Pishori with Dr Pradeep Bhosale. Pic/Shadab Khan
TT Pishori with Dr Pradeep Bhosale. Pic/Shadab Khan

“You kept your promise. I am aching to walk again and resume my daily chores all by myself,” Pishori said to Dr Pradeep Bhosale, Director, Arthritis and Total Joint Replacement Surgery, Nanavati Hospital, who had promised the disheartened senior citizen that he would put him back on his feet.

Last year, Pishori slipped inside the bathroom and fractured his hipbone, after which he was rushed to Jaslok Hospital. At the hospital, he underwent a traditional hip replacement surgery and a prosthesis was fitted. But postoperative complications confined him to bed for over a year. “The doctors told me, now you just rest. I wasn’t able to walk or even attend nature’s call,” said Pishori.

Planning the procedure
Dr Bhosale said they conducted three surgeries, wherein the pre-surgery planning proved to be the most vital part, since the case was extremely critical. “Post operative infection had resulted in pus accumulation, so first we had to clean it. Cemented prosthesis removal needed breaking open the femur to remove the cement, which was another challenge. Due to old age his bones had become soft and there could’ve been a major issue with him sustaining a deformity. But we planned it well and took the challenge,” said Bhosale.

“After the wound healed, we gradually made the patient put pressure on his leg, and with the help of our nephrologist he was able to regain control over his bladder eventually,” said Bhosale.

Pishori said that he was very happy to get back to his daily active routine. “Now since I am back on my feet, I am aching to go on my walks again and join my friends,” said Pishori.