Mumbai continues to sweat as monsoon withdraws

The Indian Meteorological Department declared on Thursday that monsoon has officially withdrawn from Mumbai. But a few showers may be expected due to the very high humidity levels.

With Wednesday recording daytime temperature of 36.4 degrees and Thursday following suit, Mumbaikars can expect days to get hotter till the end of this week. This is attributed to October heat, where generally daytime temperatures hover around 36 degrees. With such erratic temperatures, monsoon-related diseases are also on the rise, with the city recording 2846 cases of fever, 232 cases of malaria and 197 cases of gastro in the past one week alone. With the increased heat, health experts predict that monsoon-related diseases will now show a decline.

Even before the month of October started, Mumbai's days have been hotter. September 30 this year was the hottest September day ever in Mumbai's history. And when October actually started, the first few days brought respite in the form of drizzles and breeze. However, October has since been getting hotter. Wednesday recorded daytime temperatures of 36.4 degrees while the night was around 25 degrees.

The IMD has forecasted similar weather for the whole of next week. Daytime temperatures will be between 32 and 35 degrees, decreasing gradually. But the nights won't be any cooler, the coolest being around 25 degrees.

"Monsoon has officially withdrawn now and what we will experience now is the post-monsoon period. Days will continue to be hot. But since humidity in Mumbai is high, some local showers will be experienced. But that is definitely not monsoon," said K S Hosalikar, director, IMD.

Monsoon has withdrawn from most parts of Maharashtra too.

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