Mumbai cops nab gold diggers from Bengal

Two men were arrested on Thursday in relation to a March theft of gold jewellery at a Govandi polishing unit in March. The men, accused of stealing jewellery worth Rs 5 lakh, were arrested from Hoogly district.

The accused Shantanu Karar (left) and Zakir Shaikh
The accused Shantanu Karar (left) and Zakir Shaikh

The accused have been identified as Shantanu Karar, alias Raju, 19, and Zakir Shaikh, 25. A third member, Kalipat, was arrested within a few days of the complaint being lodged. According to the police, the men are trained gold polishers who came to Mumbai to “looking for jobs”.

“Their modus operandi includes sending a worker to the victim’s shop, who later provides them details about the layout and operations. A second worker joins the shop after the first one leaves and steals the jewellery within two or three days. He provides a fake name and address, and books train tickets in advance to flee the city,” said Rupesh Dalvi, police sub-inspector, Shivaji Nagar police station.

On March 15, 2015, Sejul Shaikh, 34, a jewellery polisher from Shivaji Nagar, lodged a complaint after gold jewellery worth R5 lakh was stolen from his unit.

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