Mumbai cops recover stolen phone of a Mulund resident in a jiffy

Apr 20, 2016, 13:20 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

Nilambari Jangam considers herself as one of the luckiest people to get her lost phone back in a month. Jangam who was traveling to her workplace from Mulund to CST on March 10 had lost hope along with her phone. Now, she has not only got her phone back but it is also in a good condition - the same as she had seen it last.

The Railway Police of Kurla could successfully track the phone to Jamnagar and returned her on Monday.

The incident took place on March 10 at around 8.30 am. Jangam who works at a firm in CST took her usual train from Mulund and was on her way to office when someone nicked her phone. Explaining the incident, she said, "On March 10 at around 8.30 am, I was waiting for the train on platform no 4 at Mulund station. The platform was as usual crowded and chaotic. After getting in the train, I thought of checking my phone which I usually do. When I opened my bag, I realised that my phone was missing. By the time I reached Byculla, I somehow managed to contact my parents."

"When I reached office, I had a word with my boss who immediately told me to lodge a complaint. I then went to Mulund RPF who suggested me to go to Kurla RPF and file an FIR. I went home, carried the necessary documents and reached Kurla Railway Police Station."

Having lost hope of locating the stolen phone Jangam continued to her office and it then went to the Kurla GRP and registered the complaint. Nilambari a resident of Mulund, who did not even follow up with the officials accepting and assuming that she would never get her phone back, was handed over the phone by the concerned officials after they got it courrierd from the first flight of the day. Even though I filed an FIR, I had no hopes of getting my phone back," she added.

She admitted that she wasn't sure that she would ever get her phone back and did not follow up the matter with the police. She said,"I didn't check with the police again thinking that it is impossible for me to get my phone back. One day, on April 18, I got a call from Inspector Kamble from Kurla Police station and he told me that they have found my phone. I was stunned and couldn't believe what I heard. I was then called on April 19 at 10 am to collect it."

Overjoyed at the prospect of getting her phone back, she said, "I had lost all hopes of getting my phone back. There were instances where people had lost their belongings and never got it back. I was counting myself amongst those unfortunates. Mumbai's super cops proved the theory of 'Lost and Found'. I am highly obliged to them. This is due to the incredible work of super cops. Hats off to the team."

When asked how the phone was retrieved, an official from Kurla GRP said, "We tracked the phone with the help of IMEI number and got it couriered through the first flight from Jamnagar."

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