Mumbai Crime: Renowned SoBo advocate charged with sexual harassment

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An eight-year battle to bring her harassers to book finally bore fruit, after Marine Drive police registered a case against a South Mumbai advocate and his two associates. The complainant has accused the advocate of sexually harassing her and his associates.

Turbulent times
The 39-year-old advocate had joined the SoBo law firm in January 2007 after completing her LLM. Two months later, she alleged, a senior partner of the firm tried to touch her inappropriately. The victim got married in 2007 and pregnant a few months later. After she informed her superior that she was pregnant, she was transferred to the firm’s other office, where she had to report to the same partner who had allegedly tried to molest her.

“When a senior woman advocate came to know about it, she told me to beware as she too had had a similar experience in the past,” the complainant told mid-day. “He used to pinch my belly, and also make me stand in his chamber for no reason.”

She alleged that after returning to work in January 2009, the harassment resumed. She then submitted a complaint to the managing director.

The victim resigned in July 2009 and approached National Women’s Commission in May 2010, which sent her to the state commission. It asked the firm to form a committee to probe the allegation. On August 27, 2013, the committee submitted its report, seeking `15 lakh compensation and an unconditional apology from the accused. The advocate then lodged a complaint, on November 19. “We have registered the case,” said senior inspector Popat Yadav.

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    Why is South Mumbai called SoBo? Bombay became Mumbai long time ago so if the writer wants to shorten the name call it SoMu

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