Mumbai crime: Hypnotising conman caught red-handed

Mahesh Baburao Deshpande entranced bank managers and duped them of lakhs

The Dadar police have arrested a conman who targeted and duped more than 10 bank managers across the city by hypnotising them. The accused, identified as Mahesh Baburao Deshpande alias Renukadas V Rao (59), was arrested while trying to dupe Sunil Gajanand Jahagirkar (55), manager of the Bank of Maharashtra, Worli.

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Mahesh Baburao Deshpande and a CCTV grab of the accused at the State Bank of Patiala, Dadar, on October 27
Mahesh Baburao Deshpande and a CCTV grab of the accused at the State Bank of Patiala, Dadar, on October 27

On October 27, this paper reported how the manager of the State Bank of Patiala was similarly duped after he allegedly feel into a trance and lost control of his actions. He handed over R93,000, and realised what he had done only 10 minutes after Deshpande walked away with the cash.

Senior police inspector Nishikant Patil from the Dadar Police Station said, “On Saturday, at around 11 am, the accused entered the bank and approached the manager on the pretext of opening an account for his disabled brother. However, while conversing smoothly with Jahagirkar, the accused claimed that he worked with MHADA and would help him buy a flat through lottery in Mulund.”

Deshpande further alleged that it was the last day for registration for which Jahagirkar would have to pay R1.10 lakh immediately. Luckily, while the manager was handing over the amount to the accused, the clerk Sunil Sonkar witnessed the incident and inquired with Jahagirkar.

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“After he narrated the episode, the clerk told him that the accused has been duping several managers across the city,” said Patil. Since the arrest, the accused has confessed to committing more then 10 offences in Dadar, Mulund, Vashi, Shivaji Park, Lamington Road and Byculla.

Police sub-inspector Shahaji Jadhev from Dadar police station said, “The accused has been committing the crime for the last year and a half using the same modus operandi. He claimed he was jobless, but addicted to placing bets on horse-races, for which he made money by duping people. Deshpande claims that this vague modus operandi just stuck him while he was seated outside a bank in Dadar.”

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