Suspicious that his wife was having an affair with another man, a man stabbed his spouse 13 times, that led to her death.

The accused, Dattatray Khosla, a driver by profession, stabbed his wife Parvati to death at their residence in Kolivary Village, Kalina.

According to police officials, Khosla suspected that his wife was having an affair, while on the other hand, Parvati was regularly harassed by her husband. Owing to the torture, she had also left the house for six months, which added to Khosla’s suspicion.

On Thursday around 1 pm, Khosla sent his kids out of the house and locked the door from inside. He took a knife and started stabbing his wife. Parvati’s screams for help were heard by neighbours, who forcefully opened the door and held Khosla. He was handed over to Vakola police. Cops said that the accused was not drunk at the time of the incident. Parvati was rushed to VN Desai Hospital where she was declared dead on arrival.