Trains on Western Railway continued to run late on Monday morning due to the bizarre incident on Sunday at Churchgate, where a train crashed into platform number three. (Read the original story here). Railway staffers were seen repairing the overhead cables in the morning too, even as peak hour period started.

Repair work underway at Churchgate

Sources said that there are cancellations and delays of 10 minutes as they were carrying out work of removing debris from tracks, correcting its alignment, clinging the OHE cables back to its original position, and levelling the platform surface as much as possible, which had chipped off due to the accident.

The officials had been working throughout the night to ensure that the 'flying train' is brought back on track and removed from the location. High-pressure jacks and metal frames were used to hold the coach that had been lifted up due to the impact.

Following completion of repair work, the first train for the day from platform number three left Churchgate station at 10:30 am.