Employees of the Suburban Diagnostics Centre in Borivli (West) were in for a shock on the very day of the centre’s inauguration, when they discovered that three sonography probes worth R2 lakh each had been stolen, when they went to work after the formal opening of the centre. 

Opening blues: Cops said a doctor named Hariprasad at the Suburban Diagnostics Centre in Borivli (West) had checked all the equipment the night before the inauguration. He claimed it was all in place

While the incident occurred on March 22, a police complaint was registered yesterday after the centre authorities concluded their internal probe. Authorities believe it to be the handiwork of an insider.

‘Inside job suspected’
Centre manager Gaurav Srivastav said, “After the incident took place, we initiated an internal investigation
following which we lodged a complaint at the Borivli police station. We strongly suspect involvement of an insider.”

Officials from Borivli police station said the Suburban Diagnostic centre, located on LT Road, had its opening slated for March 22. According to the police, a doctor named Hariprasad had checked all the equipment the previous night, and said that it was all in place.

The theft came to light after the the inauguration ceremony came to an end. When doctors went to use sonagraphy machines, they discovered that their probes were missing. Though there was a little chaos at the centre, additional probes kept on standby were used.


Sub-inspector Swapnil Nevase from Borivli police station said the centre was still under renovation at the time of opening.

“Only the probes were stolen, which means the culprit was well-versed with the equipment. About 15 people were working that day and all are under suspicion,” he said.

“A case has been registered under Section 380 (theft) of the Indian Penal Code. Though CCTV cameras were installed, they were non-functional due to lack of wiring. We too strongly suspect an insider’s involvement in the crime,” he added.