Mumbai: Drunk man runs over 5-year-old, granddad in Oshiwara, nabbed

The family, which was returning from birthday party on Sunday night, demands death penalty for driver, who was caught by passers-by before he could flee

The Kolekars were giddy with happiness at the thought of their son, Sarthak, hitting another milestone — his sixth birthday — in two weeks. But their lives came crashing down on Sunday night when a drunk car driver mowed him down, along with his grandfather, in Oshiwara.

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The driver, Indrajit Nattoji, was chased down by locals and passers-by on bikes and caught
The driver, Indrajit Nattoji, was chased down by locals and passers-by on bikes and caught

Sarthak, grandfather Bhiku Kolekar (65), mother Shilpa (30) and grandmother Indu (58) — residents of sector 2 in Gorai— were crossing a road in Anand Nagar in Oshiwara while returning from a relative’s birthday party around 10 pm when a speeding Volkswagen crashed into them. The impact flung Bhiku across the road, while the 5-year-old boy was thrown up in the air. He landed on the car’s bonnet and rolled off onto the road. The driver, Indrajit Nattoji, a 45-year-old resident of Yari Road in Andheri West, however, did not stop. He was chased down by locals and passersby on bikes and caught. Shilpa suffered minor injuries on her shoulder. The boy and his mother were rushed to the nearby Ruby Hospital, where Sarthak was declared dead on arrival. Bhiku was taken to Cooper Hospital due to the severity of his injuries. He, too, was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

Bhiku Kolekar with Sarthak
Bhiku Kolekar with Sarthak

Sarthak’s father, Sandeep, said he could not make it to the birthday party because he was at a satsang with his brother. “My mother’s sari had come loose as they started crossing the road. So, she stayed back. My wife stopped for her. My son and my father walked a little ahead when the car ran them over. The driver knocked down my wife.”

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The bereaved family — (from left) grandmother Indu, mother Shilpa and father Sandeep. Pic/Sameer Markande
The bereaved family — (from left) grandmother Indu, mother Shilpa and father Sandeep. Pic/Sameer Markande

The Oshiwara police have recovered liquor bottles from the car. Nattoji owns a production house and is a director.

Subhash Khanvilkar, senior inspector at the Oshiwara police station, said Natoji has been arrested under Sections 304 A (causing death by negligence), 338 (causing grievous hurt by act endangering the life or personal safety of others) and 279 (rash driving or riding on a public way) of the IPC. “We performed a medical test on him and found that he had been driving under the influence of alcohol.” The police said Nattoji was on his way home after a party in Bangur Nagar. Sarthak was an upper kindergarten student of Oxford Public School in Gorai.

  • Vinay05-Apr-2016

    Indrajit Nattoji, !Lets make sure this guys get the highest of punishment under the law. I feel he should be treated as a terrorist and a rapist of the law.

  • RAMESH05-Apr-2016

    20-25 years the case will go on, like salman khan, finally lack of evidence and he will prove he was inforeign land at the time of accident, so the court will leave him. all hard work of police will fail.that is why police also does not takes matters seriously, we lack sarfarosh police officers, who could shoot such people on the spot.

  • Krishan Wadhwa05-Apr-2016

    For a long time now LAWS in India are no more for safety of society and people but moreover are twisted and turn and used in terms of money and votebank power

  • Aspi Katrak05-Apr-2016

    Nattoji, do not worry. the investigation will be blotched, the blood samples mixed up and key witnesses will be bribed. Spend a dew days behind bars and all will be well . HIC, HIC, HURRAY !!!!!!!!!,

  • RAJESH05-Apr-2016

    how many life will cost drink and drive shuld make serious offence

  • SURESH K.05-Apr-2016

    Nothing is going to happen. He will easily come out like all other criminals. He owns a production house, so he's got money power too. Frankly speaking which criminal has been punished in our country. The Delhi rape case accused are still enjoying the comfortable homestay behind the bars. The juvenile coolly walked out. If it was to be in Saudi Arabia or so, this guy will be beheaded on this Friday after the noon prayers. That is the difference between our law and their law.

  • Moi06-Apr-2016

    The driver should be tried for sure but it's also high time the government and cops look into how pedestrians cross roads in this country. They put their lives at risk all the time by not caring about signals or crossing roads wherever they wish to. I drive and I know how tough it is to navigate roads with people popping up from nowhere. You have to follow rules, specially when you are crossing the road with a child. It's time to have strict laws for pedestrians too.

  • xyz06-Apr-2016

    Without holding any brief for indrajit, as a lay man, I wish to point out that as per Oxford Dictionary Homicide means Murder. There can be no such thing as culpable homicide not amounting to murder. When you use the word homicide it means murder. Both accident and murder cannot be used at the same time. By that reasoning then there should be section Cr.P.C. 304 (II) for seriously injuring a person in an accident. Since the driver is drunk and he had seriously injured or maimed a person does tha

  • Rohan Mazgoankar05-Apr-2016

    Our laws benefit only the rich, powerful and the corrupt. Why would they change it to benefit the common man.

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