Mumbai: Drunk 'stuntmen' critical after falling from local train

Dec 17, 2015, 10:20 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Attempting stunts and leaning out from a running train proved costly for two drunk youngsters from Kanjurmarg, who are battling for life after falling off a local between Ghatkopar and Vikhroli stations.

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Raju Khan remains unconscious and critical
Raju Khan remains unconscious and critical

On Monday morning, the inebriated duo, Raju Khan (25) and Amit Sindhu (20) forced their friend Lukman Khan (22) to accompany them in a local train. They fell off after losing their balance while trying to touch the railway poles.

Amit Sindhu who has suffered severe injuries, has been shifted to Sion Hospital
Amit Sindhu who has suffered severe injuries, has been shifted to Sion Hospital

Lukman was sober and helped Government Railway Police (GRP) officials to trace the duo. They were rushed to Rajawadi Hospital for treatment. Amit, who has suffered severe injuries, was shifted to Sion Hospital in the afternoon. Raju remains unconscious and critical.

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The three friends, who work at a hookah parlour in Kanjurmarg, left their place of work in search of alcohol. Lukman was forced by Raju and Amit to accompany them to a bar. In his statement to the Kurla GRP, Lukman said that they had got off at Ghatkopar (east), where Raju and Amit consumed alcohol.

Lukman didn’t drink even though the other two tried to force him. The three friends then caught the 6.02 am Karjat slow train to carry on with their other plans.

Dangerous stunts
“They were drunk and standing at the doorway. I asked them to take care but they didn’t pay any heed and were trying to touch the poles along the tracks. They were leaning out dangerously,” said Lukman.

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Moments later, both hit one of the poles and lost balance. As the duo had fallen off between two stations, Lukman got down at the next station and informed GRP officials about the incident. He also helped them find the spot where the duo had fallen off, after which GRP officials took them to Rajawadi Hospital.

As friends of the trio got to know about the incident through Lukman, the news reached the families of both the victims, who rushed to Rajawadi Hospital to see them. Mamta Gagat, Raju’s sister, who came to know about the accident at 12.30 pm on Monday, said they had no clue about the mishap as Khan would stay back at the hookah parlour most nights.

“We had no clue about the incident and came to know only when a few friends of Raju’s came to the house. Both Raju and Amit are unconscious,” said Gagat. Due to his critical condition, Amit was shifted to Sion Hospital in the afternoon. The on-duty doctor from Sion Hospital told mid-day that they had admitted the patient in the ICU and he remains critical due to a head injury and other fractures.

“Both the youths who fell off the train were drunk, and there is no foul play in the entire incident. As soon as their friend told us about the accident, we informed the station master and rushed both the victims to Rajawadi Hospital,” said an official from Kurla GRP.

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