Mumbai hit-and-run case: Jahanvi Gadkar sent to 14-day judicial custody

The female lawyer, who was involved in a hit-and-run accident on the Mumbai Expressway late on Monday night, was on Friday placed in judicial custody for fourteen days.

Thirty-five-year-old lawyer Jahanvi Gadkar, who had crashed her Audi Q3 car into a taxi in Mumbai late on Monday night, was seen being taken away by female police officers after the court issued the order for her detention.

It is also being reported that Gadkar might have visited a second pub, where she also consumed alcohol. Police are examining the CCTV footage from concerned pub, whose waiters are also to be questioned.

Gadkar, it is being said, may have lied about sleeping in the car on Marine Drive for two hours.

Tests showed Ms Gadkar's blood samples had three times the permitted level of alcohol on the day of the accident. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 30 mg of alcohol is the permissible limit for driving.

During questioning, the 35-year-old lawyer had said that she had visited a restaurant and met her colleagues, where she consumed two pegs of whiskey to celebrate a new project, the police have claimed. Later she slept inside her car at the Marine Drive for two hours to get sober, she reportedly said.

Two people traveling in the taxi were killed in the head-on collision later that night.

The police suspect Gadkar drove about 11 kilometres in the wrong lane before she crashed into the taxi.

Witnesses said the car was travelling at a very high speed with music blaring.

  • Shilpa12-Jun-2015

    Why is she being sent to judicial custody? She deserves to be in Police Custody.

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