Leaning out of the train to spit proved near fatal for a 17-year-old from Vashi, who was left with his food pipe sliced open when he fell near CST on Sunday. As if that wasn't enough, Arbaz Shaikh had to wait nine hours on the floor of JJ hospital before he could be admitted for treatment as there was no senior doctor available.

According to Shaikh's family, he was on his way to CST with friends to buy shoes for Eid. His friends said he was sitting inside the train but as the train neared CST, he got up to spit and did not see the pole. He fell off the train, somehow cutting his throat in the process.

Shaikh’s mother Saira, said, "The accident happened at 7 pm and he was first taken to St George hospital. They refused to admit him saying it was a police case. Then, after providing the first line of treatment, he was transferred to JJ hospital. At JJ, they did not treat him till 4 am and he was left on the floor of the hospital waiting. After we created a ruckus, my son was given treatment but they still refused to admit him,” said Saira. “When we asked why a senior doctor wasn’t available to operate him, the hospital staff said it was a Sunday,” Saira said. The hospital finally admitted Shaikh around 12.30 pm the next day.

Arbaz Shaikh was left lying on the floor of JJ Hospital until he was admitted nine hours later
Arbaz Shaikh was left lying on the floor of JJ Hospital until he was admitted nine hours later

"The doctor has said he might lose his voice forever because of the cut to his throat. If a doctor had operated on him quickly, his voice could have been saved," said Hena Sheikh, Arbaz’s aunt.

The hospital has refuted the family’s allegations. "The allegations against JJ hospital are false. Shaikh was immediately admitted under the ENT department and kept under supervision in the ward till 4 am. He came to our hospital at 7.30 pm and we admitted him at 9.30 pm. There was no delay on our part,” said Dr TP Lahane, dean of JJ hospital.

Shaikh is the eldest of three brothers and his father works in Dubai.